Saturday, 18 May 2013

Comfy yet Cute

EVERYTHING is thrifted or DIYed :)

Helloooo everyone!!!! This is probably one of my favourite outfits to wear, because it's soo simple and soo comfy, yet fashionable. Those are the best kind of outfits for me, especially because I've been pretty sick lately :( Seems like it's flu season! You can check out my other blog for more frequent posts here!

As always, stay chic ;)


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bohemian Rhapsody

Crochet top- thrifted
Aztec Cardigan- Urban Outfitters 
Sandals- Urban Outfitters
Bag- thrifted 
Sunnies- H&M
Earrings- market
Hey everyone! I'm so so sorry that I haven't been actively uploading recently! I've been so busy with school and personal things; I haven't really had spare time on my hands lately, but that's all gonna change! Well, it looks as if the sun has finally decided to come out from hiding and say hello! I'm so happy to say goodbye to the cold weather we've been having, and salute the beautiful sun :). Today was warm enough to bust out the shorts- which I did- and a cute crochet thrifted top to match. I hope for many more warmer days like today!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Post Rock N Roll

Hello all. I`ve been absent for a bit, but now I`m back! Lately the weather has been bipolar; first it`s warm enough to wear shorts and tights, and then the next day it is freeezing enough to make you wear a billion layers of clothing! Here I am wearing an old-school-meets vintage-rock-grunge type of look. I can`t believe EVERYTHING in this look is thrifed... I truly am a thrift shore junky :)

1.Stone wash denim vest - Dad`s closet :)
2.SPEEDORAMA sweatshirt - Value Village
3.Burgundy High waisted shorts- Value Village 
4.Sheer Black Tights - Dollarama
5.Black Timbaland Boots - Value Village